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who we are

Integrated Forestry Operations Group is a SAFE Certified Canadian forestry company based out of Campbell River, British Columbia. We are industry leaders in full-phase commercial forestry, tree hazard mitigation, commercial thinning, and wildfire risk abatement. Leveraging a team of foresters, project managers, machine operators, fallers, climbers, and other forestry professionals, we specialize in steep, remote, and complex forestry environments.


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Crew Hours Worked

Wildfire Mitigation Treatments 


Utility Poles Produced and Flown

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Our Services

We are proud to offer a diverse range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients while promoting sustainable forest management in BC's most complex and challenging forest environments.

Wildfire Mitigation Integrated Operations Group


Forestry and wildfire mitigation go hand in hand.


We’ve been leveraging our team’s skillsets and developing specialized equipment to manage forests around homes and communities for greater fire resilience.

Integrated Operations Group Forestry Tree Climber

Industrial Tree Work & Climbing

Manual tree work is one of our foundational elements. From commercial windfirming and single-stem, to falling and tree hazard mitigation, our team has climbed or worked on some of the most challenging trees, in some of the harshest environments in BC.


Tackling tough tree projects safely and productively is what we do.

Integrated Operations Group forestry commercial thinning projects with Ponnse Fox Harvester, Ponsse Cobra, andJohn Deere 1270G. and


IOG is leading a resurgence in true commercial thinning in BC.


Utilizing European-inspired technology and processes, we're helping to change the way BC thinks about ground-based forest harvesting. 

Utility pole integrated operations group forestry truck


With our core forestry and heli experience combined with an amazing team of utility arborists, climbers, fallers and tree professionals, IOG has been helping to protect BC’s utility grid from tree-related hazards for years.

Sikorsky 64 Aircrane and Skycrane in use for a forestry single stemming project at Integrated Operations Group


Utilizing helicopters for forestry projects is a big part of what we do.


From getting to work to flying logs, helicopters have been integral to our business since our inception. Our deep understanding of costs and capacities as well as partnerships with BC’s main heli operators is what sets us apart from others.


Jeff Cutforth from Stella Jones testimonial for Integrated Operations Group leading Campbell River and Vancouver Island forestry company for single stem harvesting

Jeff Cutforth,
Stella Jones

"IOG is the leader in BC for Single-Stem harvesting. They’re very safe, professional with 100% attention to detail. They are a turn-key operation."

Integrated Ops Forestry services

Florian Bergoin,


"I had the pleasure of having IOG complete several complex projects, and the entire team really impressed me by their professionalism, flexibility, focus on safety, attention to details and great communication. IOG has the right machinery and skill set for complex and innovative forest operations!"


Lanny Englund testimonial for Integrated Operations Group City of Coquitlam highest rated and leading professional forestry work in British Columbia for urban landscape forestry projects.

Lanny Englund,
City of Coquitlam

"There was lots of unknowns on this project and IOG was flexible and professional in all their dealings."

Tyler Johnson from Innerjex testimonial for Integrated Operations Group, leading Vancouver Island and British Columbia safe forestry company.

Tyler Johnson,

"Integrated Operations Group conducted themselves in a professional manner. They completed a very difficult job safely and efficiently."

the Collection

Explore a range of West Coast and forestry-inspired apparel, designed intentionally by us.

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