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IOG was initially formed to fill a void for specialized full-phase heli-logging services in the forest industry. Since then, we’ve utilized our cumulative production forestry skillsets to expand into a variety of services and sectors. We’ve still maintained our drive for innovation, seeking out niche opportunities and doing things our own way.


We believe forestry has a lot to offer. With a focus on sustainability, safety, and production, we continue to develop our service and clients to solve forestry and tree-related challenges

wherever needed. 






FLTC Award

our history



SAFE Certified


Fire Mitigation 








& Equipment Acquisition


Commercial Thinning Advancement & Company Growth

First Heli Project

New Equipment

Integrated Operations Group management team in the field in Vancouver Island British Columbia.

IOG was founded and began operating with a small management group and dedicated subcontractors

IOG becomes a BCFSC SAFE certified company

Our internal team begins to grow as our first long term employees are hired. IOG begins taking on larger single stem and windfirming projects and we engage in our first danger tree project with a major utility which would later develop into a long term annual contract. 

We complete our first significant fire mitigation contract while continuing to develop our commercial forestry client base. 

We engage our first major heli project functioning as the Prime Contractor in a complex multi-employer workplace. 

IOG buys its first used excavator and chipper to support our fire mitigation work. Shortly after, we purchase Alternative Forest Operations to expand our equipment fleet and gain access to extensive contract history, expertise and processes.

We are awarded our first Forestry Licence to Cut (FLTC) for small scale salvage. Our Campbell River office location is purchased.

IOG signs a contract for a significant market log opportunity with a major licensee and First Nation partners and acquires several FLTCs for salvage harvesting. 

We buy our first forwarder (JD 1910) and commit to a focus on commercial thinning. Later that year, we purchased our first used harvester, an EcoLog 550D, and shortly after a JD1270 to increase production. We also added a crew boat and 150’ 22 man floating camp barge to increase competitiveness in our coastal operations.

IOG commits to doubling our commercial thinning production with the purchase of two additional harvesters and a new Ponsse Buffalo forwarder. A short-log self-loader was also purchased. Several single-stem and salvage opportunities are underway and we have significantly increased our participation in the utility sector. Work is underway to secure an interior office location and increase our Campbell River office footprint. 

community first

Community connections is a big priority for us. We're proud to be regular sponsors for our local organizations:

  • Tour to Rock

  • Discovery Forest Centre

  • Campbell River Bike Park

  • Motocross Association


Integrated Operations Group is the leader in designing and delivering maximum value in B.C.’s most complex forestry environments


We provide an integrated, one-stop solution for value orientated resource managers who are faced with challenging forestry projects.

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the crew

Our crew is what sets us apart and makes us who we are. IOG is a team of passionate men and women dedicated to pushing and participating in innovative forestry in BC. We pride ourselves in the culture we’ve grown - shaped by safe and productive operations where each individual looks after one another.


Our team consists of Professional Foresters, project managers, machine operators, fallers, tree climbers, utility arborists, groundmen and other forestry professionals. Working with IOG is a commitment to holding yourself and each other to a standard of safety, quality and integrity.

Meet The management team

On the Road


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Campbell River, B.C., Canada


Monday: 8 AM - 5 PM

Tuesday: 8 AM - 5 PM

Wednesday: 8 AM - 5 PM

Thursday: 8 AM - 5 PM

Friday: 8 AM - 5 PM

Saturday - Sunday: Closed

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